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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Editorial: Five Heroes Who Should Be In A Dissidia Game

Editorial: Five Heroes
Who Should Be In A Dissidia Game.

The new Dissidia game - an arcade iteration of the title that promises to completely wreck everything about that series that fans enjoyed - will be coming out soon, and in an alarming twist, it seems to have added almost barely any new characters (in fact, it seems to have cut down on the cast).

That simply won't do, so, like many bloggers before me, I have taken it upon myself to share my views on five heroes who should be joining the Warriors of Cosmos in a hypothetical future game.

Aqua, Kingdom Hearts.

There's always much talk of Kingdom Hearts characters showing up in Dissidia, and it's usually Sora who is put forward as the best candidate. But I disagree: There's a better candidate, and it's Aqua.

Dissidia is, in a way, all about the interplay between its villains and heroes, and Sora doesn't really have a personal relationship with any of his villains: They aren't the ones pushing him to grow as people, they're usually just physical obstacles for him to overcome.

Aqua, however, has a very personal villain, in the form of Terra-Xehanort: The combination of her closest friend and a revered master. Aqua's interactions with Terra-Xehanort do develop her character, and that could be carried over to a Dissidia game very easily.

Edea Lee, Bravely Default & Bravely Second: End Layer.

It counts, okay? It definitely counts. It counts so much, guys.

Bravely Default characters would be an excellent addition to a Dissidia game anyway, but the reason I'm specifically singling out Edea is because, more than Tiz, Agnes or Ringabel, she fits the Dissidia mold the best. Her character arc is the most pronounced and personal of the four, and while the other three don't really have specific enemies, Edea has not one but two personal foes in the form of her father Braev and her childhood friend Alternis.

In terms of gameplay, she also stands out as being the easiest to work with, as far as a class-switching mechanic goes: Her association with the Venus sisters and the Bloodrose Legion means that you could very obviously give her a class-switching mechanic where she cycles between Valkyrie, Summoner, and Ranger - essentially switching between standard RPG warrior, mage and rogue archetypes. Her association with Braev means that her EX Burst could very easily have her assume the Templar class.

Nacht, Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Nacht is one of four Warriors of Darkness from Final Fantasy Dimensions, a mobile game released in - wait, where are you going, come back.

Okay, so I don't like mobile games either, but Nacht would be an interesting character to Dissidia-fy. In a story where most of the heroes are explicitly associated with light and opposed to the nebulous concept of darkness, Nacht is an unremittingly good character who is associated with darkness.

Also, one of his job classes is 'dancer', and I support this being his main gameplay hat. Dance, you mediocre wretch, dance.

Zack Fair, Final Fantasy VII.

People have wanted Zack in a Dissidia game since the first game came out, and it's not really difficult to understand why: He is, in many respects, the deuteragonist of the entire Final Fantasy VII collection of media, taking the main role in at least one game and one anime series, and being a looming, important presence in almost every other game - even when he's dead.

The biggest problem with implementing him in a Dissidia game is, really, that Zack's gameplay hat - big sword wielding warrior with some magic abilities - is really already taken by Cloud. Also, by Squall. The Warrior of Light. Tidus. Lightning. He wouldn't be adding anything new, and he'd need to be carefully considered to keep him from fitting into the same mold as everyone else.

Adelle the Cat, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

You know what Dissidia lacks? Truly mercenary characters. Which is why Adelle, a headhunter for Clan Gully, in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is the perfect addition. She eventually grows out of her mercenary ways, but having a character who starts off totally uninterested in the cosmic struggle around her would be an interesting turn.

She's also a Thief, and there are surprisingly few of those in Dissidia. We have Zidane, of course, but he's more or less the only one - and combining Adelle's Thief abilities with her Heritor powers (which could easily be reworked a bit to, say, give her access to her enemy's abilities) could create a really interesting gameplay mechanic.

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