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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Editorial: Television Trailers Round-Up.

Editorial: Television Trailers Round-up.

It's almost time for the Autumnal influx of television shows, and that means we're getting the slightly-earlier-in-the-Autumn influx of trailers. While there have probably been about two dozen trailers released into the wilds of the internet these past two weeks, we thought we'd round up the six that interested us the most.

Oddly, they're mostly comic book adaptations.

Arrow S4.

This is probably the meatiest and most detailed trailer in the round-up, giving us absolutely no shortage of plot details about the upcoming series of Arrow. We find out pretty early that Ollie is going to get drawn back into his role as the Arrow (now adjusted to be more Green Arrow ish than before), as if there was any doubt about it, with a burgeoning team of superheroes having formed around him.

Slightly more unexpected is the reveal of Damian Darhk as a villain - he was mentioned in the last series but never seen, and this trailer shows that he'll be stepping into the limelight as the leader of a group of people who want to let Starling City (now renamed Star City, bringing it more in line with the comics) die.

Even more unexpected is the brief appearance in the trailer of John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan - in this instance, this is actually meant to be part of a crossover with NBC's Constantine series, so this is very unusual. Two different shows produced by different people on different networks having a crossover, thus cementing the DC Televisual Universe as one now spanning multiple networks.

We get brief shots of Nanda Parbat, too, where Merlyn and Nyssa are - doing stuff? Sparring? Warring over succession rights? Either way, John Barrowman and Katrina Law are reprising their roles, so expect more of them.

Arrow's fourth series will be beginning on 7/10/15.

How To Get Away With Murder S2.

This isn't so much a trailer for the second series as it is a trailer for its opening episode, and it's not really giving anything away, save that we'll be finding out who murdered Rebecca, whose body the audience saw at the very end of the last series.

It's not an especially meaty trailer and it doesn't give us much to talk about, but I'll be glad of the show's return - it was a joy to watch (most of the time) in its first series, and if it keeps up that momentum, we should be in for a very tense, very dramatic ride.

How To Get Away With Murder S2 will be starting on 24/9/15.

The Flash S2.

The trailer for the second series of The CW's The Flash focuses largely on how Central City's recent black hole has caused an influx of people from parallel universes - chief among them being Jay Garrick, who spends much of this trailer ominously narrating. We also get to hear a bit about Zoom, our otherworldly antagonist (and the blue speedster we saw in the E3 trailer) who is convincing people to try to kill Barry by promising them passage back to their own universes.

Apart from that, we're not given much plot information here. Lisa Snart is back, and Firestorm appears to be playing a prominent role. No sign of Harrison Wells returning, but I feel like it's really only a matter of time. We get a look at Barry becoming a more prominent hero in Central City, with various people celebrating him.

It all looks like a lot of fun, and if they can match or exceed their very strong first series, Berlanti and company should be looking at another massive success here.

The Flash S2 will be starting on 6/10/15.

Supernatural S11.

Supernatural just needs to stop. It needs to end, and at this point, I don't care how it ends. I will settle for it just stopping halfway through a series at this point, that's how much it deeply, direly, truly needs to die.

The trailer focuses heavily on 'the Darkness', the villain introduced at the end of the tenth series, and on various grisly murders, Castiel being corrupted somehow (we get a glimpse of him with red eyes, a glimpse of him with what looks like black eyes, and various glimpses of him with bloodshot and/or bleeding eyes), Crowley helping out the Winchesters again, and Sam seemingly being tortured in Hell, although that may very well be a flashback.

It all looks very exciting, but we all know it's not actually going to be, because Supernatural is never exciting, or tense, or particularly engaging. It will be a trudge, as the writers fling half-arsed, repetitive plotlines at us until all we want to do is curl up in a ball and perish slowly.

Anyway, that begins on 7/10/15.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Disney XD).

I wasn't even aware that this was a thing! Well done series on Disney XD always seem to be short-lived - see Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Tron: Uprising, but Guardians of the Galaxy nevertheless looks like a lot of fun. After all, who doesn't love some space opera action adventure?

The trailer is mostly action, without really telling us very much about what the plot will actually be, and that's fine - it might well be that the series is very episodic and doesn't really have an overarching plot. The animation, I noticed, is a bit odd, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Either way, this is a very interesting looking series that has managed to pass almost completely under my radar, but which I will be tuning into with no small amount of interest.

Guardians of the Galaxy begins on 26/9/15.

Agents of SHIELD S3. 

Agents of SHIELD's trailer is a very typical 'dramatic voiceover over shots of people looking shocked' trailer, and that's great, but it doesn't really tell us much. We know that there's going to be some kind of strife between the Inhumans and SHIELD again, and that Skye (now calling herself Daisy) is going to be at the centre of it, and we get a shot of what appears to be an even further mutated Raina, but may actually be Lash, an Inhuman who is purportedly the main villain of the series.

Interviews and press releases have given us a little more of an idea of what's going to be afoot this series: The slow formation of the Secret Warriors, a team led by Skye; Inhumans appearing around the world; and more villainous antics from Ward. We're still mostly in the dark about what's going to be happening, however, and the trailer doesn't really illuminate anything.

(We don't even get a mention of Simmons in the trailer.)

Agents of SHIELD is scheduled to start up again on 29/9/15.

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