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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Teen Wolf S5E9: Lies of Omission

Teen Wolf
Series 5 Episode 9
Lies of Omission.

And now, nine episodes in the series, we finally get an episode that is as densely packed with plot as I've wanted all of the episodes to be, and it is really quite glorious. Painful, at points. A harsh reminder of why I get so vexed at fans acting like Theo is one of the good guys (seriously, guys, c'mon, the very first episode he was in we saw him decide to break a man's hand because of a handwriting goof, he is not suitable for weird Y/N fanfics), at points. But heavy with plot, and I like that.

In this episode, after five days of peace, Scott is starting to feel increasingly insecure and worried. His asthma, a painful reminder of his pre-werewolf life, has returned, and his pack is increasingly distant from him. Malia is under pressure too, caught up in research about the Desert Wolf, while Liam has become increasingly insular and obsessed with Hayden, whose condition is steadily worsening, making her a target of the Doctors - much to to the chagrin of Theo, who wants her in his pack, and whose relationship with the Doctors is becoming increasingly fraught and hostile. When the Doctors attack in full force, emerging into the day to hunt down Cory, Hayden, and a third failed chimera, Theo ends his collusion with Stiles by spinning Scott a (mostly false) story about Stiles viciously beating Donovan to death. Meanwhile, Lydia and Parrish attempt to find the Nemeton.

We'll start on the biggie: This episode sees Scott's pack more or less dissolving around him. He practically banishes Stiles from it (in a scene that's been described as 'like something from The Notebook' and 'the break-up of Teen Wolf's cutest couple' - I can't really argue with any of that, to be honest) after some cunning manipulation from Theo involving giving Scott just enough truths and just enough lies to push him into a tragic misunderstanding/miscommunication with Stiles that would be worthy of a Toshiki Inoue era Kamen Rider series. 

Scott has a very sharp collarbone, I've just noticed.

(I have seen people complaining about Scott not confirming the story with Stiles, and I do understand those complaints - but at the same time, Scott's in a very shaky, erratic place right now, Stiles has been acting weird for a while now, and for Scott, all the Nogitsune stuff wasn't all that long ago.)

While I usually hate miscommunication plots, in this instance it makes sense: It doesn't seem forced, and a large part of that is that it's coming at a time when Scott and Stiles are both acting erratically - not to mention that Theo was very clever with how many parts truth to lies he included in his story to Scott. I don't foresee it lasting - how could it, Scott and Stiles are the heart of the show - but it sets us up well for the mid-series finale next week.

The weirdest thing that Scott does this episode is refusing to turn Hayden. Don't get me wrong, Scott's always been reluctant to turn people, that's part of his character, but in this case, her survival is on the line (not that we have any confirmation that turning her would help, but there's no reason to think it wouldn't). I'm struggling to think of any reason why Scott, who's desperate not to let anybody else die, wouldn't at least try it. 

Ah, god, brightly lit scenes, no, stop, my eyes need time to adjust.

Speaking of, you know what else is bizarre? The Sheriff - who only last week was incredibly suspicious of everyone - believing Theo's story. He already knows there's something wrong with Theo, remember? Stiles told him as much, and he gave every indication that he believes him. So lapping up that whole story that Theo fed him felt a little bit ridiculous to me.

Lydia and Parrish's storyline, meanwhile, was a relief. I mean, it had more of the weird romance between them, which is and will always be creepy as all get out, but you know what else it had? People - Parrish and otherwise - finding out about how he's stealing the bodies. Lydia's theory that he's subconsciously covering up the supernatural seems a bit out of nowhere, but will almost certainly turn out to be true. So that's a thing, one supposes.

(Liam and Hayden, meanwhile, have graduated from 'dull' to 'actively unnerving' - not Hayden, as such, although I did side-eye her just going along with a plan to leave town, thus abandoning her sister, but definitely Liam, who has graduated from crush to full blown obsession without any intervening stages.)

Sad Stiles.

The great thing about this episode is that there wasn't really any moment of it where plot relevant information wasn't being imparted: From literally start to finish we're getting major plot beats, it's all very fast paced, and that's the kind of pace we should be getting most of the time.

If the next episode's preview is anything to go by, my theory about Theo being the final villain of this half of the series is going to hold true. I still don't think Donovan is dead, although I imagine we'll discover that (if he isn't) at the end of the next episode - which will be the mid-series finale, so that'll be fun! Hopefully. Maybe. If we're lucky, Kira will return triumphantly. 

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