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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Editorial: Upcoming Anime That We're Looking Forward To.

Editorial: Upcoming Anime That We're
Looking Forward To.

I'll be honest, not much in this season of anime excited me. I'm vaguely watching Durarara!!x2 Ten and Gangsta, which are both fun, but really only when I have free time. I'm keeping up with Soul of Gold, but at the moment that's more out of duty than anything else, as it's quite terrible.

But the next season of anime looks like it has some interesting shows in its line-up, so here are four upcoming anime that we at Fission Mailure are looking forward to.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans.

I'm not, in point of fact, a big Gundam fan. I watched Gundam Wing as a kid and kind of liked it, even if quite often I wasn't really paying much attention to what was going on, and since then I've not watched any of the franchises' series, apart from a very short-lived attempt to watch Gundam 00. 

But Iron-blooded Orphans looks to be fast paced, fun, and beautifully animated, and it has a great staff attached to it - including Masaru Yokoyama, the man behind Nobunaga the Fool's beautiful soundtrack, doing the OST, which even if I knew nothing else about the show would convince me to watch it - and a back-to-basics plot about Martians versus Terrans (which is an old enough staple of Gundam that I've only actually seen it in other anime referencing the franchise, hello Aldnoah.Zero).

All in all, I don't know whether I'll actually end up enjoying Iron-blooded Orphans, but I think it's definitely worth checking out.

Garo: The Crimson Moon.

The last Garo anime, Honoo no Kokuin, was a flawed but ultimately worthy entry into the ever-growing Garo franchise, but it was a surprise to see them announce another anime so soon after it ended. This one, apparently, has no relation to the first one, being set instead in Heian era Japan and following a different bearer of the Garo armour.

It kind of goes without saying that I'd watch this, because I'll watch absolutely anything with the Garo name attached (which sometimes hasn't worked out too well for me - Flower of Makai was painful). At the moment, we don't really know any details about it: We know that the Garo of the series is a dude called Raiko, but that there's a female main character, and we know its setting, and that's more or less it.

It's got some good people on its production team - Shou Aikawa, who worked on Fullmetal Alchemist, is the story editor - and some terrible people - Toshiki Inoue, he of some of the very worst Kamen Rider series this side of Riku Sanjo, is the writer, so we'll see how that turns out.

Comet Lucifer.

I have no idea what Comet Lucifer is about. Does anyone have any idea what Comet Lucifer is about? Crystals, obviously. Bright colours. A blue-haired girl. Space, maybe? I think some of the posters have had a giant robot on them? Presumably the fallen angel Lucifer? No, seriously, I am utterly clueless.

The synopsis says it's about a world called 'Gift' and crystals called 'Giftjium', which is - great? That tells me absolutely nothing.

What I do know is that it has a striking and arresting visual style, and that alone is enough for me to give it a watch.

Owari no Seraph (2nd Cour).

"But Murphy," you might be saying. "You hated Owari no Seraph." I did, and it was a pure hate, but towards the end of its first cour the series really started to be looking up. It was still cliche, manipulative, obvious and kind of terrible, but it was actually managing to hold my attention for an entire twenty minutes, which is more than could be said for earlier episodes.

What new heights might it reach in its second cour? Could it even become ... adequate? Perhaps even somewhat enjoyable? Probably not, if I'm being honest, but I'm interested to find out.

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