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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Editorial: The Top 6 Coolest Digimon.

Editorial: The Top 6 Coolest Digimon.

So, a while ago we did our top ten coolest Pokemon and our five worst Pokemon. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful editorial and that my choices as to who should go on those lists were utterly and indisputably correct, so it stood to reason to do a similar set of lists for Digimon.

To narrow the field a little, we're limiting this to Digimon that have human partners (or humans who turn into them) and main villains. So, for example, Etemon and Stingmon would both be game, but, say, Kuwagamon wouldn't be.

Anyway, let's roll on with the list.

6. Reppamon.

Reppamon, a Digimon that shows up for a grand total of three seconds as one form of the partner of Digimon Savers boss Satsuma Rentaro, is the reason that this list is six entries long instead of just five.

I mean, just look at it: It's a wind-elemental fox with a face-obscuring mask on one end and a blade for a tail on the other, and the blade has an eye and its own personality and sometimes the two sides argue. 

In series, it literally shows up in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment leaping through the sky, which was a delightful moment for me since I already thought that Reppamon, who had been touted around various websites for a few months as a Cool New Digimon, was awesome.

Reppamon, man. Reppamon.

5. Lilamon.

Lilamon has the interesting distinction of being essentially an updated re-release for another Digimon. While not a replacement per se - the Digimon she's clearly based off, Lilymon, is stil very much around, you get the distinct sense that she was born from a dissatisfaction with Lilymon's design, and a push to change it.

(And she's not the only one, either. GeoGreymon, the digivolution of Agumon in the series, is essentially a Greymon that has been slightly redesigned to look more badass.)

The result is pretty awesome, as we get a flower fairy made from flowers, and whose main attack basically involves bombarding people with flower energy from her flower cannon flower arms. It's so flowery, I love it.

4. DarkKnightmon.

DarkKnightmon is introduced to us as the signature Digimon of the Twilight Army in Digimon Xros Wars, and the partner of the quiet and mysterious Nene. For a decent chunk of the series, he's this quiet, intimidating figure, who only rarely deigns to fight but tends to wreck everyone around him when he does - but time reveals him to be much more than that, and he eventually becomes one of the main antagonists of the series.

DarkKnightmon is one of the most imposing Digimon in the franchise, this giant hulking armoured thing that mirrors the Royal Knights and looks to be completely implacable and unstoppable, and he only adds to that by being able to assume a variety of different forms through the series' titular fusion method.

Later revelations of how manipulative and backstabby he is really only add to that, as well.

3. Renamon. 

Renamon, the partner of icy tamer Rika from the third series, could probably pretty easily be categorised as one of the breakout characters of the series.

I mean, for starters, she just looks cool: She's this tall, imposing, elegant fox creature that in many ways looks like she'd better suit the next evolution level up (making her pretty much the antithesis of Gatomon, who looks like she'd better suit the next evolution down, which is cool in its own way), who tended to just appear out of thin air like some kind of bright yellow fox ninja.

Renamon also had something that none of the other Digimon in the series (or, to be honest, either of the series prior, with the possible exception of Gatomon) really had - her own character arc, distinct from that of the human she was partnered with, that explored both her cold surface personality and the insecurities beneath it.

Also, she attacks with diamonds. Diamonds. Tell me that isn't cool.

2. MetalGreymon (Xros Wars).

The Xros Wars MetalGreymon, one of several redesigns in that evolution line, basically takes the general concept of MetalGreymon, first seen in the very first series of Digimon, and goes 'what if we made him blue and also literally made out of guns'? 

As is the case for a few monsters on this list, MetalGreymon is very under-used, having at most a handful of battles before he gets mostly replaced by the (objectively far less cool) ZekeGreymon, but he was certainly memorable the few times he did appear, being essentially a walking, flying artillery platform whose main method of attack was flying about and carpet bombing his enemies.

He'd be taking the number one spot on this list, but truth be told, he looks (and comes across in motion as) more than a little unwieldy.

1. Astamon.

Astamon is a demon dressed like a 1920s gangster wearing (or possibly just having as part of his face) a wolf's head. Or at least, I think that's a wolf's head - he evolves from a Gabumon variant, so one can assume that it probably is. Maybe. Probably.

The one series where he shows up - the otherwise deeply, truly terrible Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time - sorely underuses him as the partner of slightly smug rival Ryouma, and later reveals him to be basically a walking corpse being used as a puppet as the main villain, but he was very cool while he lasted, cutting a vaguely Renamon-ish figure in his looming, quiet devotion to his partner.

Also, they made him mostly attack with energy kicks, and everybody loves energy kicks. 

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