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Monday, 10 August 2015

Editorial: Five More Video Game Crossover Ideas.

Editorial: Five More Video Game
Crossover Ideas.

So, with more news about Genei Ibunroku and Kingdom Hearts III having hit us recently, I have video game crossovers on the brain. To that end, and to clear those pesky thoughts out of my mind space, here is yet another video game ideas editorial.

One day, I'll do a masterlist of all my reviews and editorials, and these ones will probably have their very own section. What a magical day that'll be. 

Digimon x Fire Emblem.

So I love Digimon, and I am massively happy about Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth coming to Europe, but you know what two franchises would fit together really well? Digimon and Fire Emblem.

Think about it: Your 'army' could be composed of modernised Fire Emblem characters across the franchise, each with their own Digimon and, by extension, their own unique way of attacking, with an elemental square system (water > fire > air > earth > water and so on) and a type triangle (vaccine > virus > data > vaccine and so on) replacing the Fire Emblem weapon triangle.

Add to that Fire Emblem's support system; some of Digimon Story and Digimon World's gameplay elements, like fusion digivolutions, mid-battle digivolutions, and so on; and a Valkyria Chronicles esque command system where your commander unit could give orders to increase certain stats, and you'd have some truly special gameplay, I think.

Also, I mean, more Digimon games are always a good idea.

Bravely Default x Persona.

By which I mean 'take the Bravely Default characters, dump them into a modern day urban fantasy-ish setting, give them Personas, and let the plot roll out from there.' In fairness, you can liberally apply plot elements of Persona to almost any video game and create something that would be absolutely fascinating to play. It's a very malleable concept.

What would make these two work so well together, though, is that they're both so character focused. Bravely Default goes out of its way to have every character in its four-person gang have their own arc, their own important role in the plot, and their own unique and interesting relationships with both the rest of the party and with the supporting cast (with special mention going to their various interactions with antagonistic Quirky Miniboss Squad the Job Masters of Eternia). 

The two would fit together surprisingly well, and you can't tell me you wouldn't enjoy seeing what Tiz, Ringabel, Edea and Agnes' Personas would be. Well, you could tell me that, and I would assume you've not played one or both games. Seems reasonable.

Every Other Nintendo Property x Pokemon.

To be honest, as I say this, I am essentially imagining a normal Pokemon game, except the entirety of the main cast are made up of Nintendo characters. 

Mario is the champion (or an Elite Four member with fire and water Pokemon) with Luigi as an electric-type gym leader. A humanised Fox McCloud turns up as a flying-type gym leader. Samus Aran as a steel-type leader.

You maybe play as Link instead of a custom character, and your starter choices are designed after his various animal transformations in series (think about it, you could have a rabbit Pokemon for grass type, a fire-type chicken, and a water-type wolf). 

It's a ridiculous, fanservice-y idea, but you know what? Nintendo loves ridiculous fanservice-y ideas. It absolutely adores them. As it could function as a Pokemon game on its own, it would still draw in Pokemon's vast crowd of fans, while also having a wider appeal to people who enjoy other Nintendo franchises, or who just like wacky video game crossovers.

Devil May Cry x Bayonetta.

This is an obvious one. The two games are both Hideki Kamiya creations, and the idea of a crossover between them has been floated before - they're a natural fit anyway, with characters from Devil May Cry having shown up in minor roles in Bayonetta before anyway. 

They make an easy fit, too. Want to have the standard 'the two protagonists fight' section that most crossover video games have? Well, Bayonetta is a witch who summons the demons that Dante fights (in fact several of her demons are recurring enemies of Dante) and they're both very much the shoot-first-ask-questions-later types. Want them to team up? Both of them are more concerned with protecting humans than staying in their proverbial lanes, so they'd happily wail on demons or angels if it fit with their goals. Want a short section where you play as a third character? Well, you have the choice of Vergil, Jeanne, Rodin, or, if you want to bring time travel into it, Loki or Baldur.

The biggest thing in favour of this crossover, though, is that it would be so much fun. Both of these franchises are incredibly over-the-top already, combining them together for a game would probably end up creating something mind-boggling and absurd.

Fire Emblem x Dynasty Warriors. 

These two make for a pretty natural fit.

Dynasty Warriors has a very good line in crossover games, including Pirate Warriors and Hyrule Warriors, and arguably Fire Emblem - which like Dynasty Warriors is about a few dozen elite fighters conquering entire armies - is an even more perfect match than One Piece or Legend of Zelda.

Given that you have hundreds of characters in the Fire Emblem franchise as a whole, covering a metric ton of unique classes, it would probably be all too easy to carve out a fifteen-or-so character roster of fighters for a Dynasty Warriors esque game. Throw in some time travel and you pretty much have your plot already laid out for you. It's so easy. 

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