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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Editorial: Four More Great Video Game Ideas.

Editorial: Four More Great Video Game Ideas.

I like doing these. Like limescale, video game ideas build up on me, demanding that they occasionally be purged onto this blog - usually when I don't have anything scheduled (thanks, Dontnod Entertainment, for scheduling Life is Strange E4 for next week instead of this one), so here are four more video game ideas. All of them are spin-offs, incidentally.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Action RPG.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica has actually had a few video games, some of which even allow you to change the outcomes of events so that people who otherwise would have died manage to survive, which is lovely. What I'm proposing is something different: An action RPG where you create a magical girl, equip her with powers, and then have her battle witches in a long, RPG-oid story.

The character creation could be either a very straightforward 'pick abilities and appearance' thing, or a more subtle, nuanced approach where you pick from a dozen or so backgrounds, a dozen personalities, a half dozen elements, and then a dozen potential wishes, all of which would be used to then generate a magical girl, mirroring how the wishes in the series dictate some of the wisher's powers.

Then the gameplay could essentially have every mission divided into three parts: Mostly combat-free open world sections where you have to locate the witch you're hunting in whichever city you're in; witch's labyrinth sections where you traverse their strange, eldritch lairs, fighting their familiars; and then boss battles with the witches themselves.

It'd be fun. All of your party members could die.

Kamen Rider Villains: Also The Action RPG.

Okay, I admit that when this idea occurred (late at night, as I was trying to sleep) I was mostly thinking of Dopants and Zodiarts, as they have the common element of being people falling under the corruptive influence of a device.

Which could be really fun, I think. It'd start off as Grand Theft Auto with monsters, and as time goes on you could be given more choices to either descend further into villainy or to try and ascend to something approaching heroism. Doing the former rewards you first with faster ability progression, then with exclusive new abilities, and so on, as slipping further into evil causes you to become more in tune with your powers. Doing the latter causes slower progression, and before long visual disturbances and hallucinations as your fight against the pull of your new monster-y powers causes harm to you.

How many players would go for evil and how many would go for good? Well, if that one Fable II prison section taught us anything, it's that even when dealing with an entirely fictional character who you have very little attachment to, most gamers will pick the moral route over gameplay-related self-interest.

Kekkai Sensen: Pretty Much Just Another Action RPG.

Kekkai Sensen is an anime about fighting crime in a supernatural version of New York, which lends itself perfectly to a video game about fighting crime in a supernatural version of New York.

You could create your character, pick an origin and powerset for them (with options like a blood mage like Klaus and Zapp, or various types of supernatural creature), and then set them loose in an open world to locate and fight crime. Everything would be over-the-top and ridiculous, and the entire affair would end up as something like a cross between the Spiderman II video game, Infamous, No More Heroes, and Dragon Age.

Ooh, we could even simulate the watching-the-anime experience by having the entire last twelfth of the game be missing until several months after release! Yes, I'm bitter.

Hogwarts: The RPG (With Action RPG elements.)

The Harry Potter series is pretty much built for customisable RPG shenanigans, and it's surprising that nobody's tried to do something of that ilk yet. Imagine: You could design your character as a child, pick the house that they go into, and then follow them through seven years of Hogwarts schooling, with a plotline that builds up over seven years.

It'd come with a more or less built in method of leveling up your skills, as participating in classes would earn you new abilities related to that class, give you points in certain skills, and give you a set number of free points that could be assigned anywhere when you next leveled up. This would mean that later on your character would become even more specialised, as they would have to pick classes to take.

You could have them be in the same year as Harry and follow this character's path through the storyline of the books, or have them come after Harry's already gone and have an entirely new storyline. The sky's the limit.

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