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Friday, 12 June 2015

Editorial: Four Ideas For Video Game Crossovers.

Editorial: Four Ideas For Video Game

Guess who has two hands and only just woke up just now? That's right, me. I'm still groggy and nursing a strong black coffee (it tastes foul, there's a reason everyone, including me, likes their coffee weak, milky, and with flavoured syrups) as I write this, but I predict waking up considerably over the course of writing this, because gosh, we do all love video game crossovers, don't we.

I especially love them, and as I am weak and a slave to flights of fancy, I love coming up with ideas for them. So let's take a look at four video game crossovers delivered from the mind of someone who feels like he has cotton wool stuffed into his skull.

Warcraftia Chronicles (Warcraft x Valkyria Chronicles).

So, I really like Valkyria Chronicles, and while I've never much liked the gameplay of the Warcraft games, RTS not really being my thing, I've always adored the world of Azeroth, finding it to be a lovely high fantasy world, and one of the few settings that manages to stuff almost everything mystic and fantastical that the writers could think of while still feeling coherent and functional.

So why not combine the two? Valkyria Chronicles' gameplay with Warcraft's world? 

Valkyria Chronicles sees you controlling small squads of soldiers, and each turn taking control of them individually (moving you from the large overhead map to a third-person perspective) and controlling them as you move them about and attack enemies. It's a very unique, very odd, but also very fun and surprisingly smooth gameplay set-up.

Combined with Warcraft, you could easily have four factions based on the four Reign of Chaos/Frozen Throne factions: Alliance, Horde, Night Elf and Undead. Alliance would be well-balanced, the Horde would be strong and fast but lack any ranged abilities, Night Elves would be fast and accurate but entirely ranged, and Undead would be - I don't know what the Undead would be. It hardly matters. 

Captain N Adventures (Nintendo. Everything Nintendo).

Captain N: The Game Master was a Saturday morning cartoon show about someone who can bring Nintendo characters to life. It was kind of terrible, which is probably why Nintendo has never tried to revive it despite the fact that Nintendo isn't exactly known for dropping a franchise if they think they can still get use out of it. 

But you could get a really good game out of it: One of Nintendo's big strengths is that that they have a stable of iconic characters that they can bring to bear, and Captain N is the perfect way to utilise that in RPG format. Think about it: The eponymous captain could be a fully customisable character, and then you could have his or her party formed up of various Nintendo characters. You could have Pit from Kid Icarus as a shout-out to the old series, Link from Legend of Zelda, Samus Aran from Metroid, Lucario from Pokemon, and a bunch more.

Gameplay could be traditional turn-based stuff, or an action RPG style - either way, you'd probably have a Final Fantasy killer on your hands, at least for the first few games in the series. 

Turnabout Warriors (Phoenix Wright x Dynasty Warriors).

Dynasty Warriors is a game where you use a range of diverse and powerful characters unforgivingly mow down hordes of disposable, faceless enemies on large maps, and sometimes face off against a boss. I know what you're thinking here: Isn't that what lawyers do? Yes, yes it is. 

The Phoenix Wright series has a diverse enough range of characters that you'd have absolutely no problem filling out a roster of characters for a Dynasty Warriors type game, and they could all easily have vastly different (and ridiculous) playstyles. 

Godot as a coffee manipulator who also fires lasers from his visor. Edgeworth as a swordsman wielding energy blades and/or Silver Samurai paraphernalia. Franziska using her whip to drag enemies in or toss them far away. Maya summoning ghosts and firing blasts of spooky blue fire. Simon Blackwell with his hawk and chains. Those are just the ones I can think of offhand.

As for the plot? Eh, it could all easily just have be a dream that Phoenix is having. I can accept an 'it was just a dream' plot in this instance.

Bioshock Creed (Bioshock vs Assassin's Creed).

Assassin's Creed has always prided itself on its vast, explorable, visually interesting cities - and no cities are as vast and visually interesting as Rapture and Columbia from the Bioshock series. With interdimensional portals introduced into the universe of Bioshock in the third game, you already have an easy way that an assassin from the Assassin's Creed universe could end up trapped within that world (/worlds) and find themselves murdering people for fun, profit, and justice.

(My personal vote is for Shao Jun, but I would also accept Ezio or Edward. Or all three. At the same time.)

The gameplay would function much like a regular Assassin's Creed game, but the inclusion of Bioshock elements would add an extra challenge. Being stealthy is much more important if your target has the power to unleash a swarm of bees onto you if they notice you, or if being noticed carries the risk of drawing the ire of a Big Daddy - which you, with your small knives and flintlock pistols, could not hope to defeat.

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