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Friday, 1 May 2015

Rec Post: Reecey Plays Final Fantasy VIII.

Rec Post: Reecey Plays Final Fantasy VIII.

A few people might recall that I've been meaning to do this rec post for a while. Alas, life got in the way, so it's appeared much later than hoped. 

This is a screenshot/text Let's Play done by a friend of mine over many months (it's a long game, after all), which I had the pleasure of following along with from the beginning. It's a pretty good-humoured Let's Play of a game which is very often frustrating, and also a pretty in-depth one, with quite a lot of the sidequests done once the Ragnarok became available.

It also has occasional Let's Rework posts, looking at things that could be changed to improve it as a game, and including some alternative costume designs and some various ideas on better main character candidates. I wrote one of said posts, too, positing a time-traveling Laguna as a better main character choice.

Anyway, check it out, because it's a lot of fun and should kill at least six hours.

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