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Friday, 15 May 2015

Murphy Plays Valkyria Chronicles Part 7: Omnishambles.

Murphy Plays Valkyria Chronicles
Part 7: Omnishambles.

So, there isn't a gigantic amount to say about the making of this part, save that it truly is magical just how thoroughly I can screw up a mission and still get out of it with a victory and a not-terrible grade, but there is a fair amount to say about the promotion of it.

Namely, that I stumbled across some good subreddits on Reddit for that. I have previously not too thoroughly considered Reddit as a place to advertise - they have entirely reasonable rules on the matter that nevertheless make it generally unsuited for purpose. I did, however, find a subreddit purely for the purpose of people advertising their own Let's Plays, and another subreddit that, perhaps far more helpfully, has a thriving community of Let's Players who are all eager to provide advice, criticism, and networking opportunities. 

So that's good, and I have done some networking, found some other Let's Players to follow the work of, and my views have subsequently improved. I hope to get somewhat more involved in that community as time goes on, and we'll see how that pans out.

Also! Next week we move to a twice-weekly schedule, both for Valkyria Chronicles and Knights of the Old Republic. I already have both Valkyria Chronicles parts for that week recorded, along with one of the KOTOR parts, so things are well in-hand for that particular schedule change, and you can expect the next Valkyria Chronicles part on Monday.

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