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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Kamen Rider Drive E29: What Really Happened At The Robbery?

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Kamen Rider Drive
Episode 29: What Really Happened At The Robbery?

Oh, thank god the sub was out when I woke up, guys. I nearly had to review Once Upon A Time S4 today. That would have been a terrible fate.

In this week's episode, Shinnosuke and the team attempt to hunt down a thief who has fused with a Roimyude, who also happens to be the man who killed Shinnosuke's father. Meanwhile, Gou is approached by Brain with an offer.

- Gosh, that's a short episode summary. Usually, that means that not a lot happened in an episode, but in this case, it really does mean that the episode is just refreshingly straightforward. We have our A-plot, which is Shinnosuke pursuing his father's killer, which unfolds at a good pace and with a few neat, if entirely expected, twists; and we have the B-plot, which is Gou being approached by Brain.

I'll address the latter first, because we have an interesting moment (which someone was kind enough to inform me may very well tie in to the Type SCU special episode, which I've not had a chance to see yet but will try to watch later this week) where Brain shows Gou his tablet, causing Gou to immediately stop. We do actually get to see what's on the tablet, but it appears to just be a glowing square, so clearly there's something we're missing here.

(I also have the strangest feeling that we've seen that glowing square emblem before, but I couldn't tell you where. I want to say in relation to Krim? Don't quote me on that, though.)


Either way, it seemingly makes Gou betray the group, but I still think it's more than likely that it's just a Cunning Ruse to lure out 001 or somesuch - we had that trope in OOO, with Date pretending to betray the team as part of a plan to both get at Doctor Maki and get all of the money he needed; we had it a whole bunch of times in Decade; and we had that trope in Gaim, with Zack pretending to betray the protagonists so that he could try to kill Kaito. Of course, we also had plenty of actual betrayals in Gaim, so maybe that's not the best example.

Chances are we'll find out more later, either way.

Our A-plot, meanwhile, starts with a very confusing moment in which nobody can seem to decide whether the bank being robbed is the 'English Imperial Bank' or the 'British Imperial Bank', with text and characters switching back and forth between the two. That might be a mistake on the subbers' part, but I doubt it somehow - Over-Time is a pretty reliable subbing group, and I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't be able to keep what the bank was called straight, so instead I'm inclined to think that Toei just wasn't paying attention.

(The two would mean different things, too, the equivalent of switching between the 'Californian Imperial Bank' and the 'American Imperial Bank'.)

Look, while we're here:

This is a map of Great Britain. As you can see, it's an island made
up by three countries - England, Wales and Scotland, with each
having distinct borders and their own capital cities. Britain refers
to all the landmass, while England is just one country on it that exists
in a political union with the other two (and Northern Ireland).

But with that out of the way we get into a respectable plotline about cover-ups and memory alteration, with Shinnosuke rapidly learning that all isn't as it seems with his father's death. Of course, he already knew that, that subplot made its sudden entrance several weeks ago, but now he has a clearer idea of in what fashion it may not be all that it seems.

It's a very workaday plotline, but it's fine, fun enough to watch, and I am actually interested to see what the conclusion of it is - obviously something to do with 001 murdering Shinnosuke's father and altering people's memories of it, but since Tomari Senior apparently also had his memories altered before he died, there's still an element of mystery as far as why 001 did this, and what the context was.

Interesting design.

(The other thing to keep in mind, I suppose, is that this is the earliest we've heard of a Roimyude being active.)

We get a nice villain scene with Heart and Brain, too - it plays out very much like a couple growing estranged from each other, because that's essentially what's happening, the romantic overtones to Heart and Brain's relationship having always been very strong. Heart, for his part, doesn't seem to understand why Brain and Medic can't get along, and this scene does rather hammer in how Brain is a lot more emotional than Heart is.

Overall, a solid episode, but not really one to write home about. I don't know, in general Drive is boring me at the moment - it's roughly the middle of the series, and that's always when Kamen Rider struggles with its momentum a bit, and I do appreciate that there's an attempt to raise the stakes by giving both Shinnosuke and Gou personal stakes in the situation.

Gou vs Chase has become the new Chase vs Shinnosuke, it happens every episode.

I don't appreciate that Kiriko has been practically forgotten about, though, and in the rare instances where she hasn't been forgotten about, rendered more or less useless. The last action scene in this episode is a great example: Instead of running over and trying to force Gou out of his transformation with a well-placed kick, or attacking Brain, she stood on the sidelines weakly pleading for them all to stop. I like Kiriko, and it annoys me that the writers are treating her so poorly.

Blargh. Bring on next week, I guess.

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