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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Editorial: What We Hope To See At E3.

Editorial: What We Hope To See At

E3 is almost exactly a month away, so over here at Fission Mailure we thought we'd round up the games we're really looking forward to (hopefully) seeing at E3, and what kind of information we want to see from them. Some of these games are already announced to be having some kind of presence at E3, some are just rumoured and might not even appear at all.

While we would dearly love to see Final Fantasy XV or Legend of Zelda Wii U, they're not included on the list on account of their respective companies already announcing that said games won't be showing up at E3.

Persona 5.

Anyone who has talked to me at all lately will know that I am super-excited for Persona 5, if also a little bit worried that there might not be parity between its US and EU release dates. Atlus' track record on that hasn't been great, largely due to publisher problems (ie: They have to find an EU publisher). 

With Sega on board as publisher, the process should be a little smoother, as Sega does have an EU branch based out of London.

I am a very recent convert to the Church of Atlus - I played Shin Megami Tensei IV about halfway through last year, and Persona 4 just earlier this year, but gosh, do I love them. This year, the hope is that we'll get a firm release date for Persona 5, more details about the characters and Personas (especially names, I need more names), and maybe another trailer with a bit more gameplay.

Genei Ibunroku #FE.

Genei Ibunroku #FE, known until very recently as Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, was rumoured to be dead for months until a Nintendo Direct shockingly revealed it in its new form, having evolved into less of a cash-grab let's-throw-all-the-characters-from-both-franchises together schtick and more of a fusion of the two styles and story themes, with a fair dollop of Persona tossed into the mix.

I absolutely loved the trailer, but there was no shortage of fans of both Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei who utterly hated it for reasons which might be very valid but from where I'm standing mostly seem like the usual tantrums over everything not being exactly the same as previous games. It'll be Atlus' and Nintendo's job this E3 to bring those people around, and to that end a more in-depth look at gameplay and story is called for. 

It's clear that Atlus wants to make this its own thing, a new strand of the Shin Megami Tensei line rather than just a one-off flirtation with another company across a smoky, crowded games expo, but whether they can pull it off will all come down to whether they can successfully keep their old stable of fans while drawing in new ones.

Dishonored 2.

Dishonored 2 hasn't been announced at all, but there are rumours floating around that it will be at this E3. Of course, we got the exact same rumours last year, and nothing actually came of them, so take that with a heavy pinch of salt.

Still, I would like it to show up at E3. Dishonored was one of the best games of recent years, and I think fans are crying out for a sequel. At this point, even an offhand remark about how it's in development would be enough for me, but in my wildest hopes and dreams I see a trailer, maybe some gameplay, and at least a speculative release estimate.

That's pretty unlikely, though.

Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 hasn't been announced or confirmed, no matter what online newspaper Christian Today may tell you, but the air is thick with rumours, and we are long overdue for a Fallout announcement.

While it would be nice to see a Fallout 4 set somewhere other than the US, I wouldn't hold out hope for that, and instead we should maybe hope to see some of the more interesting US locations: A post-apocalyptic New Orleans, maybe, or ... or ... No, sorry, that is literally the only interesting location I can think of.

Don't be surprised if Fallout 4 doesn't appear at this year's E3, but equally don't be surprised if we get a short cinematic trailer or something. Just don't be surprised. By anything.

Kingdom Hearts III.

Will Kingdom Hearts III ever get released? No, Kingdom Hearts III will never get released. Not now, not ever, it is vaporware through and through.

Would it be nice to get a gameplay trailer or a release date so that we could fantasise about what might have been? Probably. Kingdom Hearts III will purportedly have some kind of presence at E3, although I would bet you good money that absolutely no news of substance will be given out.

Who knows, maybe they'll show us a slightly recut version of a trailer we've all seen before, announce that they've changed the title because it's just been in development that long, and then expect us all to pretend we're amazed instead of just ticked off.

Maybe they'll publicly fire Tetsuya Nomura on stage.

I have dreams.

Pokemon ??? and ???.

We're due one, right?

For the past couple of years, Nintendo has released Pokemon games on a solid yearly schedule, usually announcing in Spring or early Summer and then releasing in Winter, just in time for Christmas. Last year, we got a remake, and so judging by the pattern, this year we should get an entirely new generation.

Orrr a sequel. We did get Black 2 and White 2 after all. X2 and Y2 would nudge the Pokemon series suspiciously closer to just being a mathematical equation. There's been no confirmation - or even suggestion - of any kind of new Pokemon game at all, so Nintendo could probably just announce a title or make an offhand remark to a new Pokemon game in the works, and the internet would catch fire.

After all, all of us love Pokemon. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or trying to sell you their Digimon trading cards. 

Minecraft: Story Mode.

We know almost nothing about this. Minecraft: Story Mode is the next Telltale Games game, presumably in the same style as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us et al, because that's really all that Telltale Games does anymore. They've found their niche and they're staying there.

No word on anything about this game, save the title and that it won't involve Steve, so the field is wide open for Telltale Games to give us pretty much anything and have it go over well.

Xenoblade Chronicles X. 

A sci-fi fantasy RPG about colonists of a far-off planet trying to escape an alien species, Xenoblade Chronicles X is a distinct departure from the style of previous Xenoblade series. It's already been released in Japan, but is awaiting release in North America and Europe, and has been noted as having some kind of presence at E3.

There's not a massive amount that developer Monolith Soft can really say at this point - the game's already out, after all - so I think the only thing we're hoping to see are some firm release dates for Europe and North America.

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