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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Editorial: A Post of Recommendations.

Editorial: A Post of Recommendations.

There was a review meant to go up today, but that's probably a no-go for personal reasons. We'll be returning to our regular update schedule tomorrow or Friday, but for tonight, here's a small apology for the lapse in our posting schedule with a short post of some recommendations of things you could be reading and watching.

The Jimquisition: A friend introduced me to Jim Sterling and got me hooked, which is fine because I think he's a very thoughtful and entertaining game critic, and his Jimquisition rants have been very informative. Thank god for him. 

Nine Over Five Plays Final Fantasy VIII: I'll be doing a longer rec post for this, but in the meantime, here's a quick rec to say that you should go and read this. It was completed a few weeks ago, and it's a lot of fun.

Raincoat Videos' Hektor Let's Play: A friend of a friend's Let's Play of the horror game Hektor, which from the looks of it is incalculably terrifying. 

Gunnerkrigg Court: I do absolutely love Gunnerkrigg Court, and it's taken some interesting plot turns in the current chapter, with Annie's estranged father appearing (as one of her teachers, no less), and dealing out rather brutal punishment for her cheating in school. If you don't read it, maybe check it out, because GC is a very fun webcomic and I think it deserves more credit. 

We'll be back on the regular schedule soon, and until then, there's some stuff to tide you over during this dark and difficult time where you don't have any new stuff from me to read.

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