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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Editorial: Five Things Murphy is Currently Watching/Reading.

Just a quick one today, guys, I've had a fairly wearying day.

Archival recs for today are Outlander and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. You get two recs today, as I forgot to rec anything yesterday.

Editorial: Five Things Murphy is Currently Watching/Reading.

Hey, guys. I know you all spend a lot of time thinking 'How can I be more like Murphy?' I do, I know this. A good place to start is by enjoying some of the same media I enjoy. If you watch or read these things and find you're not enjoying them, just pretend to. Smile widely. Talk frequently of your love for them. Yell at people who suggest that you're not enjoying them. Do terrible things to people who aren't convinced.

I give great advice.

Aldnoah.Zero (Second Course).

I adored the first course of Aldnoah.Zero, and one episode in (the second episode is going up today, but I've not seen it yet, shhhh) I'm really enjoying the second course, too. The introduction of Princess Lemrina feels more than a little bit out of the blue, and both Asseylum and Inaho surviving being shot feels like a cop-out, but you know what? I'll take it. 

It might not be perfect, but I'll let Aldnoah.Zero get away with a lot: It's fun, bright, stylish and enjoyable to watch, and I can forgive a lot of plot sins for that. If you're looking for something deep and cerebral and dark, maybe don't look this one up. If you're looking for lolzy giant mecha action with occasional philosophy, do.

Agent Carter.

I am really loving Agent Carter, guys. It's clever, fun, it has a great cast led by Hayley Atwell, who is excellent, and you should all watch it.

To be honest, I'm surprised it took them this long to do a Peggy Carter series. She's a fan favourite character, the 1950s is a popular setting with audiences, and there's a wealth of plot opportunities for her, especially as she'll eventually end up founding SHIELD. 

Gunnerkrigg Court.

I say 'currently', it's actually on hiatus right now, and I've been a regular reader for several years now, but I mention this because with the last arc, Gunnerkrigg Court has shifted tone somewhat, pitching itself into darker and darker territory.

I would strongly recommend this webcomic to anyone. Tom Siddell is a fantastic writer and artist who is deft with humour, drama, and fantasy, and Gunnerkrigg Court is an excellent piece of work. The hiatus comics, usually revolving around sapient pigeon City Face, are also fun.

The Musketeers, Series 2.

The first series of The Musketeers bored me enough that I actually couldn't bring myself to write a review of it, and this series is continuing that fine tradition, so this might end up being the only time I talk about it on this blog.

It's a writing problem, really, as the actors are all very good, and if you like the BBC's standard ridiculous fluff, then you'll probably enjoy The Musketeers in small doses. The first series has Peter Capaldi in it as Cardinal Richelieu, but due to Doctor Who commitments he is unfortunately not present in the second series.

The Young Protectors.

I - hm. The Young Protectors is advertised as a yaoi comic, and this grates on me a little, because I don't think it is: It's a superhero comic in which the main character is gay. If he was straight and the plot had a heavy emphasis on his romance with a woman, we wouldn't call it a 'heterosexual comic'.

That mini-rant aside: Go look up The Young Protectors, it's good. It has an interesting plot, a diverse and engaging cast of characters, and it's very well-drawn. I'm not massively keen on our seeming main love interest, Annihilator, but that's really my main issue with it. Flyboy/Red Hot OTP, guys. 

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