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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Guest Editorial: Is Clara Oswald the Master?

Due to real life shenanigans of the abrupt and alarming kind, this week's Kamen Rider Drive review won't be going up today. Many apologies for that, I feel suitably ashamed. It will be up tomorrow, though, don't worry about that.

In the meantime, fear not, for there is a guest post today instead, from Reecey of Nine Over Five, with a theory regarding identities and governesses and small timepieces.

Guest Editorial: Is Clara Oswald the Master?

Now, I know what you’re all thinking, or what you might be thinking. I can only do educated guesses here, people, I’m not psychic.

Speaking of educated guesses, here’s my theory and causes of and evidence for said theory:

Clara Oswald is a fobwatched Master.

More specifically, she’s either a fobwatched future regeneration of the Master, or Missy wasn’t actually the Master as advertised.

Now, that latter option isn’t there because I didn’t like Missy and don’t want her to be the Master, I actually really liked her. Moffat appears able to do totally crazy cakes women pretty well, albeit crazy cakes women who have actually spent the vast majority of their rather long lives as dudes.

Yeah, that does put something of a dampener on that praise when you realise that, doesn’t it?

But I’m getting beside the point.

Missy, Master or servant of the Master, didn’t raise a single finger against Clara. She kind of threatened her a little, but didn’t actually follow through. In fact, she stopped threatening her rather easily.

On the other hand, she has gone out of her way on numerous occasions to keep Clara with the Doctor. They go through a few in the episode itself, and the logic Missy actually gives us is oddly sound, but far from comprehensive.

‘Control freak with the man who can’t be controlled’.

Yes, Missy, but why this control freak?

Is it because she’s a future regeneration of you?

She doesn’t even do anything to Danny.

Remember, Missy didn’t kill Danny. Danny wasn’t paying attention when he was crossing the road and got hit by a car. There was no indication of it being a hit and run, either.

Danny Pink died an entirely mundane death and Missy had nothing to do with it.

Hell, it’s plausible that she made it possible for him to come back to life, which he squandered in order to dump a ridiculous amount of responsibility on his grieving girlfriend. (Who he pointed a weapon at and dragged into a graveyard becauuuse… he wanted her to be surrounded by potentially lethal Cybermen? Maybe it’s good he’s dead.)

So, Clara, untouched.

Danny, touched by accident and ended up helping Clara.

Random woman who the Doctor showed friendly interest to in front of Missy?

She has to die.

If the Doctor has a new companion, then he won’t be so keen on keeping Clara around.

The Doctor and the Master are great friends, and have been since childhood.

If Clara is the Master, then Missy (as a previous or following regeneration or servant/follower of some kind) would be invested in keeping them together.

Now, you may be thinking that Missy left Clara in harm’s way, but surely the Master would be able to trust the Master to look after herself.

Which Clara did, with the whole spiel about being the Doctor and Clara Oswald never existing.

Think back to that, it was a remarkably well put together story.

Just replace ‘Doctor’ with ‘Master’ and she’s done most of the work for me.

Combine this with the way the fobwatch worked on both the Doctor (creating John Smith in The Family of Blood) and the Master (creating Professor Yana in Utopia) and it’s entirely plausible that we now have a character with all the cunning of the Master, who is the Master, but has no idea that she’s the Master.

The fobwatching would explain why Doctor never recognised her, too, although it’s unclear why he didn’t recognise Missy. (That said, I have a brand new theory about that, too. Fresh from the mind forge.)

By the way, do we all remember what Clara was doing before she became a teacher?

She was a nanny.

Like Mary Poppins, who Missy was rather heavily themed after.

Why, that’s rather coincidental, isn’t it?

It’s also rather coincidental that Clara’s character arc this series has revolved around her lying, and the Doctor considers the Master to be a habitual liar.

‘She was telling the truth, for once.’


So, there is my theory. I think it’s rather good even if it does have one gaping flaw.

This guy.

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