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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Editorial: Four Marvel Characters Who'd Make Excellent Films.

Four Marvel Characters Who'd Make Excellent Films.

Like with the DC version of this editorial, we're not really talking about which Marvel would be excellent at putting together a script and shooting it - although there's one on this list who probably would be very good at it.

No, with Marvel expanding their stable of film properties, it does beg the question of what they could expand into next? Who amongst their many, many characters could carry their own film? Well, never fear, because I'm here to assert my own opinions on the matter and then sulk a little if you disagree with my choices.

Heh. 'A little.' I crack me up.


She-Hulk is great. I will fight anybody who says otherwise.

She's charismatic, engaging, flawed, and a high-powered lawyer whose storylines are often half beating-things-up and half courtroom shenanigans, which you can't deny would make for a fantastic film: A kind of How To Get Away With Murder and Iron Man fusion. 

She's also one of the most positive female role models I can think of in comics: Jennifer Walters isn't a perfect, idealised human being with no issues. Jennifer Walters is intelligent and brave, but also flawed and lacks confidence - and she overcomes her lack of confidence by literally becoming her own power fantasy. 

That seems like a great message for a film: Push yourself to become your own ideal person.

The Sentry. 

The Sentry was originally only meant to be in a single miniseries, so I am envisioning a single stand-alone film with the rest of the Avengers involved here. 

The Sentry's schtick is that he is a ridiculous Superman-esque hero: He's super-strong and fast, he can fly, and he can project energy from his hands. He's basically unstoppable, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. But the Sentry has an arch-nemesis, the Void, a living, writhing mass of shadows.

He seeks out other Marvel heroes to warn them that the Void is returning, but none of them remember him or the Void. It's like neither of them ever existed. As he tries to find out why, the Sentry discovers that he is the Void, and that before becoming a superhero, he may well have been a genuinely awful person. 

See? That's an interesting film premise. 


Photon is great. She was Captain Marvel once before assuming her own superheroic identity, and she both has really cool powers and some interesting plots and arcs to bring to bear, like the fact that her main power, turning into energy, is insanely risky to her health and has caused her to become extremely sick before.

She's also led the Avengers before. Which is a plus.

Photon is just really cool, okay?

The Runaways.

The Runaways are one of my favourite groups of Marvel heroes. The children of supervillains (including one who is the child of Ultron), the team - which includes a witch, a girl with a telepathic dinosaur, an alien, and a super-strong mutant - bands together to stop their parents, who seek to summon the Gibborim, fallen angels who have promised to destroy the world and create a better one in which six humans can live forever (which the parents have decided will be their six children - except Ultron, he's not part of this particular plot, he comes later).

The great thing about the Runaways is that they're fun. Their storylines are often quite dark, but they always have a sharp, sometimes cutting and sometimes fluffy sense of humour about it. They're also probably one of the most diverse sets of teen heroes in comics, and let's face it, Marvel hasn't really tried to tackle the teen market yet (not in earnest, at least - never let it be said that their current crop of films doesn't have a massive teenage fanbase). 

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