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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Editorial: Five Things They Should and Five Things They Shouldn't Do in RWBY S3.

Given how testy my internet was when I got online, getting this posted might be an exercise in pain. Pity my suffering.

Editorial: Five Things They Should
and Five Things They Shouldn't
Do in RWBY Series 3.

So, it's been one week since RWBY finished its second series. I've been on more than a slight RWBY kick since then, as anyone reading my tumblr will have no doubt noticed, and as ever, I have opinions. Opinions on things that they should do. Yes. But also, opinions on things that they should not do.  


A Blake vs Adam fight. Also, a Sun vs Adam fight. A Yang vs Adam fight. A Ruby vs Adam fight. A Weiss vs Adam fight.

Look, there are a lot of people I'd like to see in a match-up with Adam. Blake and Adam obviously have history, but both Sun and Yang are basically the polar opposite of Adam, and they're both close with Blake, which might drive them to face off against him. Ruby and Adam both share a rose motif, and while that's not a great reason for wanting them to fight, it is a lot more understandable when you consider how much I love motifs. 

As for Weiss, she has good cause for a beef with Adam, too, as he seems to be the leader of the more militant wing of the White Fang that has caused so much trouble for her father's company. 

In an ideal universe, I'd want to see Sun and Yang try to double-team Adam. You can't deny that that would be pretty awesome, especially since, just as Ruby shares a motif with Adam, so do Sun and Yang share a motif with each other. 

Actually Seeing The Vytal Tournament.

I'll be honest, they could probably get an entire series out of the Vytal Festival and tournament, but either way, it's one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the RWBY plotline, and is almost certainly going to be involved in whatever Cinder's dastardly and complicated plan is.

It'd be great to see it, both for the potential battles involved (Velvet vs Cardin, please, she will break him), and for a chance to see Beacon in a state of traditional festivity and find out precisely how this festival started and what it's all about.

I love me some good history, after all.

LGBT Representation.

It's been one of fandom's biggest bugbears, and with an ensemble cast this large, there's really no excuse for not having at least one character make an offhanded remark to the effect of 'heeeeey, that's a pretty person of the same gender to me.' 

Too often, TV shows or films try to have their cake and eat it, assuring viewers that LGBT characters are somewhere, or offhandedly mentioning in interviews that a particular character is LGBT. Some of that is pressure from executives and large companies that are still, fundamentally, conservative.

I don't want that with RWBY. Be brave, RWBY writers. You don't have any large companies breathing down your neck, take advantage of that. Push the envelope.

The fact that I'm even having to refer to 'including LGBT characters' as 'pushing the envelope' says something very sad about the state of entertainment these days, but that's a whole different editorial.

Where's Qrow?

Qrow Branwen, Ruby and Yang's mysterious (and dusty) uncle, has been a much talked about but completely absent character so far, having been mentioned as early as the very first episode, but thus far only having shown up in silhouette form. 

Clearly, there's some kind of plan, but my hope is that that plan comes to fruition in the third series. After all, Qrow seems to be an active member of Ozpin's inner circle, and we've already gotten to meet his equally mysterious sister. The time is ripe for it.

Especially as we've gotten so many little hints to make him more tantalising. Why, Qrow, is your symbol a winged mechanical eye? Is your scythe identical to Ruby's, or does yours turn into a crossbow or something equally absurd? Why do you appear to have the same hairstyle as Adam? Is it just me, or does your silhouette seem to have a mask?

I demand answers. 

More Ensemble Focus, and More Team RWBY Focus.

I made a snide remark about people wanting their cake and eating it earlier, and look at me now. 

Okay, what I really want is more content time in which to do both, and that's all wrapped up in things like funding, and time limitations, and manpower, and all those other things that I would not have to want to cope with, and Rooster Teeth has my utmost respect for - for doing the actual coping there.

But in an ideal world, yes. I'd like to see both more ensemble focus, with episodes about Team SSSN or Team CFVY, and a greater focus on our actual main characters and their development, something which it sometimes seems is lacking. Series 2 made great strides and leaps in the latter category, but there's still work to be done there.

I'm not fussed about Team JNPR. Actually, I think they may have too much focus. They need less focus. We need less Jaune. 


Any More Jaune Focus.

"He's kind of the deuteragonist, Murphy." 

I know. He just - shouldn't be. Jaune's plotline is a very tried and tested one, of 'someone is not really suited for this environment, but they have hidden depths that come to light', and that's fine, but there's a kind of key issue with it.

Namely, I find Jaune quite irritating. 

Less Jaune. More everyone else.

Any More Characters, For The Moment At Least.

It pains me to say it, because I love new characters, but RWBY's cast is already vast for a show of its length, and it doesn't necessarily need to get any larger.

But I say 'for the moment', because I mean, well, 'for the moment.' I would definitely be open to more characters come series four. But series 2 introduced a lot of new characters, and it didn't get a chance to really include all of them - Sage and Scarlet of Team SSSN were basically just seen from a distance standing around. 

So, maybe no more for the second. You know how it is.

More Roman.

Roman has kind of served his purpose as 'petty villain who is the forward facing representative of the villain faction', and is now surplus to requirements, I think. 

Cinder is well established now, as are her quirky miniboss squad of Mercury and Emerald (and Adam, now), so it might be time for her to take on a more active role in the villainous affairs of her own faction. 

Or, if not, have Adam do it. He's pretty different to Roman, the fans adore him, and he's the or a leader of the White Fang, and a pretty hands-on one at that, so there's plenty of opportunity to have him get into tangles with the main characters.

Make the Rose-Xiao Long-Branwen family tree any more complicated.

Not that it's necessarily all that complex now, but I have a strong hatred for family trees that are even remotely convoluted. 

That means no more relatives, but it also means no suddenly revealing that they're related to any of the other characters. Don't think I haven't seen fandom murmuring about how maybe X Character is a secret part of that family tree.

No. Keep it as simple as possible. Maybe add a kindly elderly grandmother who Ruby can deliver bread to, if you so wish, but only one. 

Have Cardin Winchester Be Redeemed.

No suggestion they would do this, but god, do I grow weary of the trope that all bullies eventually redeem themselves and learn the error of their ways.

Some bullies are just bullies, and wealthy, racist Cardin is the most likely candidate for 'just bully'.

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