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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Editorial: Four Game Developers Who Deserve Unlimited Funding And Very Little Oversight.

Editorial: Four Game Developers Who Deserve Unlimited Funding
And Very Little Oversight.

"Woah, woah, woah, hold up there, Murphy, someone's been talking to the Bad Idea Monkeys and sipping too many vodka daiquiris again. Unlimited funding? Worse, very little oversight? Who could possibly warrant such a thing?!"

Well, I can safely say that probably nobody on this list will surprise you. This is not a very avant-garde list, it's - this will be my least surprising editorial ever written, I think. Also, some of them - and I'm not going to name names but you will know exactly which gentlemen I'm talking about when you see their names - require more oversight than others. Just not, you know. A gigantic amount.

Tim Schafer.

Who doesn't love Tim Schafer? That's right: People waiting for the second installment of Broken Age don't love Tim Schafer. Well done for guessing that one.

Tim Schafer has put together some of the most off the wall and funny adventure games in history, and it's a little sad to see him struggling to scrounge up the money for passion projects. So I say, no more scrounging, let's just give him an unlimited fortune and set him loose on the world to run free like the majestic wildebeest of gaming he is.

Broken Age would get completed pretty sharpish, and before long we'd probably be seeing Psychonauts 2: Psych Harder floating to our shelves.

Hideki Kamiya.

One thing is for sure: Hideki Kamiya is quite, quite mad, and his work is pretty varied. You can't compare Devil May Cry to Okami to Wonderful 101, after all, it just wouldn't work. But he has one constant: His work always pushes the envelope past what's expected and into the 'please stop, my mindbrains are burning' territory. It was true of his work with Clover Studios, and it's equally true now that he's working with Platinum Games. 

(Love Platinum Games.)

If you gave him unlimited funding, you know what you'd get? The best action game ever created, probably, with an absurdly skilled and stylish protagonists wailing on monsters so bizarre and over-the-top that you're entirely unsure what to make of them. That's probably what you get, but not necessarily: It's a delightful mixed bag, and I'd be intrigued as to see what comes out of it.

Peter Molyneux.

Here is one truth that's absolutely true: With unlimited funding, Peter Molyneux would never announce some minor feature of a game that turned out not to exist again. His games would be vast, sprawling, absurdly detailed simulations of life - whether as a fantasy hero or a god or a small pigeon or whatever had seized the man's mad fancy at that particular time. 

Imagine it. The man already produces excellent games, as a rule - just imagine the glory of it if every ridiculous whim and dream of his could be fulfilled. The games that resulted from such a thing would change the face of video games as we know it.

Or we'd just get another god simulator.

He seems to like that particular whim.

Rhianna Pratchett. 

I love Rhianna Pratchett's work, and I will fight anyone who says it isn't great. Apart from Thief, that was a bit - yeah. But in general, she's a very strong writer, responsible for a great Tomb Raider reboot, as well as having worked on classics like Bioshock Infinite, Overlord II, and Heavenly Sword. 

So far, Pratchett has always been writing for other people's games, so to speak - she's a script writer who pens stories and scripts for game concepts that other people have come up with. But those are concepts which would have sunk without a writer as good as her - you only need to glance back at Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness to see how bad a Tomb Raider game can be, after all.

What I want to see is a game that is completely Pratchett. Her own concept, her own script, her own gameplay ideas. I think it'd be pretty excellent.

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