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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Teen Wolf S4E3: Muted.

Teen Wolf
S4E3: Muted.

We start this episode on a scene taken wholesale from every horror movie ever to be created. Which is no bad thing: Last episode had two scenes like that at the beginning, and Teen Wolf is, after all, a horror-fantasy show. In it, a lad called Sean discovers his cat covered in blood, shortly before a man with no mouth and a surprisingly expressive voice synthesiser comes to kill him. The No-Mouth Man's main mistake is saying he'll give Sean time to smash the mirror and ready himself a weapon to fight – Sean actually smashes the window and flees, because he's not an idiot, it seems. 

He could've lit the towel on fire, that'd have been fun.

After the credits, Derek and Peter are hiring Braeden to find Kate. Peter quibbles over price, but a distracted and frustrated Derek eventually ends negotiations by saying that he'll pay pretty uch anything for the job. Why? Well, as Peter discovers, because of those yellow eyes he acquired last episode, and he wants to know why he has them, since you can't exactly un-kill an innocent.

Braeden remains incredibly awesome. Seriously, show, make her a series regular. There is literally nobody in the known universe who doesn't like her.

Scott and Stiles, meanwhile, are preparing for lacrosse try-outs, which is very series one. Apparently Stiles has money problems due to his MRI and trip to Eichen House last series, which made me squint and go 'Why would that cause money proble – oh, right,' because sometimes I forget that the US hasn't developed an NHS equivalent yet. They encounter an apparently very good lacrosse player, Liam, as played by Young Clark Kent, empowered by the sound of the most irritating club song in history. 

Aw, lookit how tiny he is.

(Melissa, at the hospital, encounters Sean, who collapses bleeding from his hands and arms. She and Stilinski examine the bodies – of Sean's entire family, the No-Mouth Lad wasn't joking.)

When Scott and Stiles confront Liam, there doesn't seem to be anything supernatural about him, except possibly his staggeringly annoying to look at hair. It's like he grafted plastic spikes to his head, stop doing an impression of Bart Simpson, Liam. Stiles heads to class with Malia, who is called up to fill out equations and formulae on the board, which – okay, not as odd as expecting people to know facts about long-dead presidents, but still slightly strange from a behavioural angle. What on earth is the point of that as a teaching method? Nobody's learning from it – the other students can't even see the board, so they're not seeing these problems being solved, and either the students doing the board work can't do it, in which case you've just humiliated them, or they can, in which case they've not learned anything because they already knew how. 

Why. Just. Why.

This is the Orphan Black rehab centre all over again.

It does set up a nice moment in which Lydia helps Malia, though, giving her the answers when the teacher isn't looking.

After class, someone, and I'm presuming not Stilinski, contacts Stiles about the triple homicide. While he wants to investigate, Scott and Kira don't, as they've been asked to stay out of it, so Stiles is on his own. Once Stiles has left, Scott finds himself engaging in inadvertantly boyfriendous behaviour with Kira (who is leaving for New York at her parent's whims), and only realises about three minutes later.

(We get a quick scene of No-Mouth Dude, who for some reason is feeding blood directly into his neck while looking at lines and lines of computer code. Which is great. You do you, No-Mouth Bro.

We also see Braeden show up at the Sheriff's station as a US Marshall. Yeeees, more Braeden. Yeeeesss.)

It's tryouts at the school, and Liam remains pretty much amazing at everything, while Kira and Malia watch from the bleachers, with Malia giving Kira relationship advice. Scott, meanwhile, is not being an amazing, and after several embarrassing failures and a lot of cajoling from Bad Influence And Actual Literal Demonic Entity At One Point In His Life Stiles, gives in to his worse nature and decides to use his Alpha powers to make himself seem more impressive.

Even with Scott using his Alpha abilities, though, and even with both of them working in tandem to try to stop Liam scoring a goal, he's still better than them, though. Malia seems very confused by and suspicious of this entire thing, both Scott Alpha-ing things up and Liam's abilities on the field.


Malia yells for a do-over, and bets the coach ten dollars on it, and this time, Scott and Stiles prevail, although they injure Liam in the process. An angry coach accidentally lobs a ball directly at Malia's face, only to find it caught and thrown back by Kira, putting barely any effort in at all.

(The adorable deputy sheriff, meanwhile, shows up at a house and encounters Lydia there. Which is good, because if he'd encountered No-Mouth Guy, this would have been the perfect time for an 'Oh my god, you shot the deputy' joke.)

In Derek's flat, Derek and Braeden are – well, flirting, which makes me worried that fandom is going to start inexplicably hating her, but good on you, Derek. Your last two girlfriends were literal psychopaths who deceived people around them and murdered people, so if you get together with Braeden, it'll be a step up to mercenary who's very honest about murdering people. That's a big step up! I'm proud of you!

You go, lad!

Kira and Scott also share a sweet moment that ends with them making out in a hallway, before we go back to the deputy sheriff and Lydia. They're flirting too, everyone is flirting, but unlike Braeden and Derek and Kira and Scott, their flirting gets unceremoniously cut off by the discovery of a secret room and a meat freezer within. The deputy thinks it might be venison.

It is venison, and everyone laughs and enjoys some delicious venison sausages.

Moving on. At the hospital, Sean is moderately distraught, and Liam, who's just arrived, is a bit miffed too. I ship 'em. Scott is guilty, and Stiles tells him that it's okay to want things for himself sometimes, which is a lesson Scott, along with Kazuraba Kouta, really needs to learn.

Back to romantic dalliances! This time it's Stiles and Malia, trying to study while Malia is more keen on making out. I know a lot of people don't like Stiles/Malia, because every time Stiles and Derek so much as breathe at a relationship with anyone but each other fandom explodes into a tornado of hate, but I think they're sweet. I also think Stiles and Derek are very sweet, but Malia and Stiles are definitely adorable. 


The adorable-ness comes to a close when Stiles sees that the notes Lydia gave Malia are covered in the same code No-Mouth Fellow was looking at.

Liam, meanwhile, is sad, and that makes Scott sad. Also, one of the doctors at the hospital is his step-father, and their father-son relationship is adorable and I love it. Scott can't angst for too long about it, as Lydia calls to tell him that he needs to find Sean. Sean, it turns out, is already out of bed, though.

It's okay, though, he's not dead! He's killed a deputy and is feasting on his remains, and has white eyes and many sharp teeth. He attacks Melissa, intending to eat her too, but Scott interrupts him, and after a short scuffle he flees. 


Liam is not as lucky as Melissa, and gets grabbed and hauled to the roof by Sean, who reveals that he's a wendigo and needs food. Scott arrives, and in the ensuing struggle Liam ends up hanging off the edge of the building with Scott clinging on to him. Sean starts pulling Scott back, Liam starts to fall, and Scott bites his arm to – I dunno, hold him up with his teeth, although I'm not sure that would work.

(Didn't Creepy Old Woman say that she'd come for Scott if he ever bit an innocent? Welp.)

Sean the wendigo dies, killed by No-Mouth Gentleman, who mimes to Scott to stay quiet before leaving. 

What a soothing fellow.

As the episode ends, Scott now feels even more guilty, and Liam has the bite, meaning he'll probably be wolfing out soon enough. 

Oh, hey, we actually got a brief, indirect allusion to Alison's death, too.

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