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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Plans for the future.

Plans and Projects for the future.

So, this is just going to be a quick and easy post to update any regular readers - or non-regular readers - about upcoming projects or posts on this blog.

Firstly, both of my current ongoings, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black are going to be ending soon - Game of Thrones has one more episode to air, Orphan Black has two, and three more for me to review, as the review for Episode 8 will be going up tomorrow. I have every intention of replacing these with new ongoings.

For the Game of Thrones slot, it's already been decided that this is going to be replaced by Teen Wolf Series 4, which starts the week after. For those who don't know, Teen Wolf is an 'adaptation', and I use that term fairly loosely, of the 1985 film of the same name, revolving around young man Scott McCall who becomes a werewolf and who, along with his friends, gets sucked into various plots, plans and conspiracies involving supernatural creatures. It's one of those shows which started off ridiculous and then became really good.

It airs on a Monday, not a Sunday, so the reviews for it will go up on Tuesday, starting with June 24th. The Tuesday slot for stand-alone reviews and editorials will move onto a different day - probably Monday. 

I will definitely be doing Game of Thrones again next year, though, this has been a blast.

So, that's all great. That leaves Orphan Black, which will be ending shortly after Game of Thrones - the week when I start doing Teen Wolf will also be the week when I do my last Orphan Black review, and it needs a replacement.

There are a couple of options for this:

The new Psycho-Pass anime starts in July 2014, although I don't know exactly when. Again, for those who don't know, a summary: Psycho-Pass is a cyberpunk-ish noir story about a society in which you are constantly tested to see how likely you are to commit a crime, with 'latent criminals' - people who score over a certain number - being arrested. It follows a team of Enforcers, latent criminals tasked with hunting other latent criminals.

Another option is Aldnoah.Zero, a mecha anime by Gen Urobuchi revolving around a war between the Earth and Mars. Again, that starts in July, specifically on July 5th.

The third option is Falling Skies, which starts on June 22nd. If this were the case, I'd start it on June 23rd, and it'd be my Monday post, and the aforementioned standalone slot would move to Thursday, after Orphan Black had finished.

If anyone has a preference out of those three, or a completely different suggestion, then I invite you to leave a comment and tell me. I've not made up my mind yet, so I will eagerly consider any suggestions you may have.

Beyond that, there are a few special things this week. On Friday, I'm going to be doing a round-up of some of the highlights of E3: Expect to see stuff about the new Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, stuff from Telltale Games, Assassin's Creed: Unity, and probably a bunch more things too.

On Saturday, I'm going to be reviewing The 100, which will be finishing this week, so keep an eye out for that.

I'm also looking to increase my posting schedule come July, adding a Friday post to the line-up, making the post schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. This is probably going to be a standalone - if you'd like it to be an ongoing, then again, please leave suggestions in the comments. This doesn't have to be an ongoing about a particular television show, it could be something like 'I'd like to see a regular character spotlight piece' or 'Use that slot for lists! I love lists!' or 'You should review more video games. Leave that spot for video games', at which point I might scream softly to myself, because I'm not convinced of my ability to play one video game a week.

Last item on the agenda: I'd just like to thank all my readers. I started this blog in - January? January, yes, posting once a week, with 70 views per month which were mostly composed of people who I knew personally, bless them. Now my monthly views are in the high hundreds, I have committed readers from the US, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, China, Russia, and one charming person from the Ukraine, and I'm getting more readers each month, and it's really all because of you guys, so thank you all loads.

This has been a very text heavy post. Have a confused Littlefinger.

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