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Friday, 27 June 2014

Orphan Black Masterpost.

Orphan Black Masterpost.

I do adore Orphan Black. This was definitely a very good series, too. At the end of a series of a show, there's a certain amount of glancing back at the beginning, looking at the state of affairs there, and seeing how much has changed in the interim, how much movement there's been on the plot. 

At the beginning of series 2, Kira had been kidnapped, Alison and Cosima had a deal with Dyad, Helena was presumed dead, and Sarah was basically alone, with the only thing she had approaching an ally was Paul in Dyad. By the end, Kira had been kidnapped again and she and Sarah had escaped, any deals with Dyad were basically off the table, Helena had come into the fold fully as their resident murder wizard, Cal was in the picture in all his suspiciousness, we'd discovered two new clones (Tony and Charlotte), Paul had returned to the weird military faction, Leekie was dead, and we'd just discovered the existence of Project Castor, or to give them their their true names, the 'brones'. 

I remain stunned at how densely plotted Orphan Black is. It's not the sort of series I could marathon - even when I had the opportunity, when I was watching Series 1, I rarely watched more than about three episodes at a time. It's heavy going: A lot happens in every episode, the status quo is always changing, and often the atmosphere is very heavy, and only grows more so. As each series progresses, the pressures pushing at Sarah build and build, and it often makes for quite difficult viewing. Difficult isn't bad, though.

(I've said before that I might not review it next year. I might, or I mightn't, it'll depend what projects I have on: If I don't, it'll at the very least get a full series review, it's just that there is so much plotting that I feel that to do it justice I'd have to let my reviews double in length or so.)

So, a quick run-down of the pros and cons of this series for me. Pros, some of the new characters were great. Rachel - not technically new, but only really entering the picture properly this series - is a joy to watch, Ethan Duncan easily became my favourite character, I adored Tony, I like ERTB, and I do like Cal, despite frequently stating how suspicious I am of him. Returning characters were excellent too - Mrs. S is great, so are all the clones, and Tatiana Maslany's acting remains inspirationally amazing. The plot moved quickly but never felt rushed, the series set itself up well for next year, and it's just genuinely nice to see a series that isn't driven by a White American Dude Protagonist, but instead predominantly by women. 

Cons: Not enough Art. Art is great. Love Art. I - will be honest, I'm struggling to come up with any more cons than that, so I'm just going to leave that there. More Art. More Art for all. 

Future plans: Well, I've got my two new ongoings, Falling Skies and Teen Wolf, and the first reviews of those are here and here. My review of Nobunaga the Fool seems popular enough, and I loved the series enough, that I might check out the manga adaptation, which will apparently have a different plot, and do an ongoing for that. A review for dystopian space opera CGI anime Knights of Sidonia will be going up either today or tomorrow. I have Pokemon Conquest and Vanquish to play, so those will both be getting reviews. On the literature front, I will be reading Persepolis sometime within the next month, and I fully intend to review that. 

(I did see an Andy McNab book, but it was long and the blurb made me nauseous, so - we'll keep that one on ice for now, maybe.)

Long term, I'm looking at what ongoings will happen in Autumn, starting around September or October. Gotham is looking possible, as is Arrow, but I think for obvious reasons I can only do one of those. If anyone has any suggestions, then by all means tell me. 

Okay, on with the title cards. 

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