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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Game of Thrones Series 4 Masterpost.

Game of Thrones Series 4 Masterpost.

This has been fun. 

I started this ongoing right about when I was kicking my blog into gear, so to speak, and it's been a rather rapid growing experience. One that involved a lot of hauling myself out of bed at five in the morning on a Monday, slumping over to my computer, and spending a couple of hours writing up a review, making title cards (which people not on tumblr may well not have seen yet), and then flitting about every social networking site I knew going 'Look! Look at this! Look at this!' 

I adore Game of Thrones. Even at its worst - and there were moments in this series where it was at its worst - it had a special place in my heart. It has introduced me to some of my favourite books, but more than that, it has changed the face of television storytelling in the same way Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films changed the face of film-making, and it's been interesting to see that happen.

I'll be doing this again when Series 5 starts next year. In the meantime, Teen Wolf, which will be streaming online at Amazon for people who, like me, do not live in the US; and Falling Skies will be taking its place, with Psycho-Pass potentially joining them in July to form a kind of ongoing review Sentai team. 

I'm also planning on doing reviews of the A Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks, and possibly a retrospective of the last three series, so look out for those.

But here's a master post of all ten reviews this series. If you've not seen some of them, not seen any of them, or have seen them and want to see them again, then enjoy. If not - well, a decent chunk of my readers won't have seen these title cards, so you can enjoy that. They don't look remotely professional, they look like a disturbed child got access to Microsoft Paint, but they are brightly coloured, so that's nice. 

The one for episode 3 is awful, though. 

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